The Differences Explained

White Label Dating Service:
This system uses an existing dating service platform backend that you use within the framework provided for your website. usually very strong options for customization and content addition and integration.

Co-Brand Dating Service:
This system is similar to the white label option but usually allows for limited options for the design of the website and usually no options for the addition of original content.

Affiliate Dating Service:
This system usually provides links to the main dating service that track your sales and pays the affiliate a commission based on performance.

Where To Start: White Label or Affiliate?

Generally speaking there is no right or wrong choice for which platform you should select to start your own dating service. Your success will be determined based on the current performance of your website and your continued effort to drive targeted traffic to your dating service. As an affiliate you'll simply add links (ad banners and text) on the pages of your existing content and drive traffic to your affiliate dating service.

The white label option involves quite a lot more work, depending on the platform's customization options, and generally can be much more successful as there is no question about why your visitors to the website are there.

The money making potential of each option depends on your website traffic and how well you design your content to drive traffic to the dating service you promote.

Recommended Programs

  • Dating Factory

    Amazing customization and control options, includes multiple niches, hosting, content and newsletter management.

  • Bone Fish

    One site adds multiple niches, easy customization and management interface.

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