White Label vs Affiliate

You have three choices to earn money from online dating:
1) Create your own dating service from scratch, programming required
2) Become an affiliate marketer for online dating services
3) Run a "White Label" dating service using your own domain and content with the backend supplied by your White Label partner.

Who are you?

  • Robert Lee, DatingB2B.com

    I started with online dating as an affiliate of One & Only in 1998 and haven't turned back.

My very first affiliate commission check was for the astonishing $7.98 and it was when I cashed that check that I realized that my content combined with an online dating affiliate program could make me money. And I will help you make money too!

Onine Dating Revenues Are Exploding!

Online dating is a Several Hundred Million Dollar business that is only beginning to grow! You can easily be a part of this growing revenue source without having to create and maintain a dating service platform of your own.
Step by step you will learn how to add a dynamic dating service component to your new or existing web site and increase your revenue.

  • 1. Your Own Website

    The obvious first step is you need a website wih a compelling name that describes simply and concisely the type of membership and style of dating your targeted audience will meet.

  • 2. Your Original Content

    Fresh, original content on your website will attract visitors and grow your dating service. It is an invaluable method of promotion and sharing and you should not simply republish articles if you want to be successful.

  • 3. Grow Your Membership

    Content and contact. Social marketing and seaarch engine optimization. You need to understand at least the basics to grow your dating service business.

Getting Started

You may think that a wider audience dating service is the way to go (i.e. Match.com) but you'd be wrong. A niche dating service allows you to better target the paying membership with content that is targeted to them, is helpful for them and they can relate to and ant to share. This will also allow you additional revenue opportunities to sell products relating to the specialty dating service you run.

Growing Revenue

Every successful dating service sells ad space and/or additional products of interest to their members. Think of this as the gateway to your unlimited income potential.

Think of your personal passions and use that intimate knowledge to create content that attracts attention. Are you a style maven? An ardent reader? A great cook? Can you give people advice that truly understands their issues and offers reasonable solutions? All of these things, and more, will help you to create content that attracts positive attention and increases your revenue outside of the dating membership channel.